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Most Popular Watch Brands of 2017


Do you want to know what the were best-selling watches of 2017? You need to understand that all watches are not equal. In fact, some of them are in their league. They combine stylish aesthetic and impressive craftsmanship; luxury watches are not simple accessories but wearable pieces of art.

Therefore, if you are searching for a timepiece that will provide function and fashion for several years, then you can go wrong with these top watch brands of 2017. If you are planning to buy a luxury watch, first do some research and compare the prices of various brands. Here are some of the popular watch brands of 2017
that you need to know:

1. Citizen Promaster Professional Diver

This was one of the best-selling watches of 2017; it has the best combination of affordability, durability, and style in watches. It features a dark blue strap and uni-directional bezel, dial and a stainless steel casing.

2. Rolex

This is the second best identifiable luxury brand that was popular in 2017; Rolex is an international brand that is coveted by many people in the society. It is respected because of its timeless function and forms, Rolex is known all over the world.

Rolex is recognized internationally and has featured in Forbes magazine several times as the world’s most powerful watch brands. It is one luxury brands that produce almost 2000 watches every day.

3. Breitling

This brand was founded in 1884 and is known because of its excellent precision and durability. They are similar to watches used by fighter pilots. The brand has also produced brands that are used explicitly by drivers; it is one of the innovative and versatile watch brands on the market.


This is the most iconic watch brand that has become popular in celebrity culture and mainstream press. It was founded in France in 1847; it has a classic and distinguished distinction. It has typical roman numerals; this brand is a perfect fit for many people who have a taste of class and fashion.


This is another Swiss watch brand that the best-seller in 2017. In fact, Britain Royal Corps chose to use omega brand for its combat soldiers in 1917. The American army also used Omega in 1918. It has a stainless steel casing, bracelet, and a fixed bezel.


Chopard is a Swiss brand that is known for producing unique timepieces as well as Jewellery. It was founded by Louis-Ulysse in 1860, the brand was known for its great detailing and classic look. It is coveted by many because of its sophisticated models. It was the most coveted watch brand in 2017.

6. Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe was one of the best selling watch brands in 2017. The watch boasts because of its traditional styling and complicated mechanics. It has been worn by royals throughout the history. It has a distinctive signature style and has remained consistent for many years now. It is a brand that reflects a touch of fashion
and class.

This article has provided information about the popular watch brands of 2017 that readers wanted to know.

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